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Chellise Michael of Chellise Michael Photography & ACLU, Art Start, Sunrise Movement, & Planned Parenthood

Join us this week as we talk to Chellise Michael! Chellise is the co-owner of photo & video collective, Chellise Michael Photography, a group of photographers that feel that most wedding photography is fucking cheesy, posed, & too damn bright. They have spent the past decade rebelling against this formulaic style, with a heavy devotion to analog film alongside their digital cameras. They are known for cultivating personal relationships with their clients, lending them more access and comfort which is evident in their work, which is described as emotive, moody, film-like, rowdy, & artsy. We personally love her & she & Michael photographed us in Brooklyn a few years ago (see our cover image)! Hope you enjoy our chat about how they got started & how they give back to ACLU, ArtStart, Sunrise Movement, & Planned Parenthood-all causes that are important to them! You can learn more about Chellise & Chellise Michael Photography via the links below!





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